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I'm a hardcore kpop fan . My favorite groups so far are BTS, Royal Pirates and EXO. I also love anime and japanese trinkets and items and will reblog them.

dorky BoA ..

  • Grandma:You need to stop watching these Asian boys online. They won't take you home. Maybe to sleep with you but not to marry you.
  • Me:*blasts Big Bang, Rain and Jay Park* CAN'T HEAR YOU!

[MAGAZINE/INTERVIEW] Men’s Style November Issue - Kai


Men’s Style: Whose singing do you like listening to the most? Within and outside of the members.
Kai: The Weeknd, Asap, Rocky, Maxwell  

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I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that B.A.P only mentions/recommends black artists i.e Chris Brown, Lyfe Jennings, Musiq Soulchild, Jay Z, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Jill Scott, Bluey Robinson, J Holiday, Usher etc… Now, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, those artists are great, but why doesn’t B.A.P ever mention or recommend artists of other races? Kinda seems like B.A.P is being unfairly biased…

I just laughed realllllly hard.

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It really is sad how we play the “Who does and doesn’t like Black girls” game in the Black kpop fandom. Not saying there’s anything wrong with wondering. I just find it sad how we’ve all been told that we’re not wanted for so long that we seriously question our desirability to non-Black guys,…


Just because I fan girl over Asian guys doesn’t mean I’m strictly attracted to them. It doesn’t matter the race or ethnicity. If you’re attractive then you’re attractive and I’ll most likely like you. So don’t assume my standards for guys are limited to being cute and Asian.

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I hope y’all treat her like y’all do CB ‘cause… -.-

THIS ^^^^^^^^^^

I bet $20 nobody will hear about this

You Know What Imma Reblog This Just For That CB Comment… Damn Shame.


7k notes, that’s a shame

doesnt even surprise me

she played ‘enthusiastic’ a little too well on that show on nickelodeon

  • Kai:(makes it clear that comments on his "dark" skin bother him)
  • Exotics:lol kai you're so dark
  • Exotics:did you know that you're really dark
  • Exotics:daaaaaaaaaaaark
  • Exotics:hey remember that you're dark
  • Exotics:did i mention that you're dark because you're really DAAAAAARRRKKKKKKK
  • Exotics:(pops from behind a trashcan) oh yeah you're dark


helpful list of things u shouldnt do at kcon!!:

  • scream fandom jokes/pairings at ur idols
  • print out explicit fanart and ask them to sign it
  • give them dildos as presents “as a joke”
  • ask them to say explicit or inappropriate phrases in english/spanish/etc

feel free to print out this list and keep it with u at all times or mayeb even tattoo it on ur face and have a friend read it to you at regular intervals!

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